Why Aren’t You Collecting?

Premier Art has been in business for 15 + years. Throughout that time, we have seen a lot of ups and downs in the art market, but for the most part our business has grown. The reason is that we take time to cultivate new collectors. This includes bringing pieces to people homes, our signature ‘Art Tastings’, phone calls, private consultations, etc. Now, don’t get me wrong, this is something that we don’t mind doing and if it helps create collectors then we’re all for it. But when you step back and look at the bigger picture, why is this even necessary? Why isn’t the average working American knocking down our doors? Who wouldn’t want to make an investment and be a custodian of our culture, all at the same time?

Well our society owns some of the blame. It has given art collecting an undeserved, elite status. Meaning that, in America, art collecting is reserved for the wealthy. Not the rich… the wealthy. It has become a form of currency for billionaires to trade funds amongst themselves. They trade Picasso’s and Van Gogh’s for $100 million, without the general public even knowing that it’s happening. This is great for them, but what about everyone else. Why can’t we collect art? Well… WE CAN! We have to change our mindset and not let society tell us that it’s impossible. Most of us can’t buy a $100 million painting, but we can afford a $500-$2000 painting. Hell we can save lunch money or that new outfit money and have enough funds available to purchase an original piece of art from a local, living artist. Why not? Are your Gucci shoes more important than purchasing something that will not only outlive you, but will appreciate over time and provide a historical tradition that can be passed down through your family for generations? The answer is a resounding NO. But again, society has created a pretentious element that makes us feel superior when we can Show valuable possessions. Only people that come to your house can see your art, so it doesn’t feel the same to us. This is something that we must overcome. I know that we can. Based on what we’ve seen at Premier Art, society is starting to appreciate the art’s more. We are participating in events, purchasing paintings, and telling other about our experiences. This has to continue. Not just for us, but for generations to come….

Omari J. Henderson – Partner, Premier Art LLC

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  • Necota
    January 11, 2012 at 2:59 am #

    I agree. Art collecting is challenging for numerous reasons, cost and ignorance about subjective art can make many shy away. I try to read and learn as much as possible about art. In the end, I buy what I like.

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