The Power of Art and Your Business

Art infuses the workplace with new ideas, values and perspectives. It can also help spark dialogue amongst employees and help them to understand diverse viewpoints. Premier Art has developed corporate enrichment programs that focus on the visual arts as a way to communicate your company’s core values. As every piece makes a statement, thoughtfully selected and placed art enhances the interaction with your customers, further engages employees, and tastefully emanates the diversity proposition. We use specifically designed innovative programs to:

  • Promote cultural awareness through fine art
  • Provide a stimulating work environment
  • Help promote your diversity initiatives
  • Engage employee participation
  • Educate employees on the value of art
  • Help reflect overall corporate image
  • Foster creativity and originality in the workplace
  • Build social awareness in the workplace
  • Increase asset holdings through investing in art

The success of any business is built around its identity. Support of original works of art, whether it clothes the walls of your business or by the sponsorship of an initiative or exhibit, sends a clear message to the employees, customers, and community about the brand and core values of the organization. The associated brand awareness can prove to be quite beneficial to your overall goals. This concept is particularly effective when the artists and the artwork reflect an underserved minority group as the world becomes more of a melting pot of cultures. That’s when art education and appreciation programs for employees successfully double as a diversity initiative for companies.

Our Approach

At Premier Art, every client is unique. We take the time to get to know you and learn about your company’s culture, values, history and plans for the future. We approach each assignment as a joint venture with our clients, and work closely with you to familiarize ourselves with your short and long-term goals for your art program and budget. This method enables us to devise and implement a program strategy that is truly individualized for each client.

Our Services

Premier Art offers a full range of services associated with art collecting, education and appreciation. You can find out more about each one by selecting from the links below.

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