Are the walls of your company lacking personality and flair? Do you want to convey the impression that original works provide without bearing the total cost of owning the piece? Then Art Leasing is for you!

Here’s how it works: Similar to leasing a car or a piece of equipment, you select the piece that’s just right for you, your space and your monthly budget, Premier Art professionals come out to install the piece, you enjoy it day after day and you stick your chest out proudly with every one of the myriad compliments you receive. When the term expires, you either take a hiatus from art leasing, decide that it’s time for a change and switch out the piece OR if you happen to fall in love with a piece, choose the purchase option, apply a portion of previous payments to the cost of the piece, remit the balance and add it to your personal collection.* It’s just that simple.

Spice up your office today with one or more original works of art and be sure to notice how clients react to your wise investment.

*Please note: Art Leasing is only available to small business and corporate clients.