Alfred Conteh

Born and raised in a small southern college town, there weren’t many places to be exposed to fine art. As a child, comic books and cartoons were Alfred Conteh’s main source of inspiration. His parent’s untiring efforts to educate he and his siblings about history, culture and philosophy, started him down the road to becoming a narrative and sculptural artist.

In graduate school, he had the time and facilities to experiment and formulate his own visual voice. The process of “making” became far more personal. His experiences as a man, a southerner, and an African American all found their way into how he expressed himself. It was here that his conviction and confidence as an artist combined to make his work truly important to him.

Over the last ten years, he has had the privilege of exhibiting his work in both public and private exhibitions, auctions, and juried shows. These shows allowed him to verbally express his viewpoints about his work and connecting with his audience.